Areas of Expertise

At Five Peaks, we go beyond the customary financial services firm by creating an authentic experience for each of our clients that opens dialogue and instills trust. The Five Peaks experience seeks to be a worry–free zone where the confidential is held close and the personal touch is held high. Holistic in nature, meaning that the parts of the whole cannot exist and cannot be understood except in relation to the whole, our full-service approach is the catalyst for our customized full- circle process. The relationship that we build with you allows us to approach your needs like family. By closely observing the collective elements that make you you, we design a flexible path that fits your personality and your resources.

We focus on three main areas of planning —Personal, Business and Estate— underscored by a value system that attracts and maintains client relationships.

Estate and Legacy Planning: Assessing your portfolio and structuring a plan that protects proper titles and account access for distribution of your assets.

Investment Planning and Asset Allocation: Reviewing your current investments, including products and fees, and revising your plan with the goal of achieving optimal performance.*

Risk Planning and Lifestyle Protection: Protecting your family from potential risks by structuring a plan designed to help shield your lifestyle, property, disability benefits and other critical security areas.

Retirement Planning and Long-Term Goal Review: Evaluating your intention for your working life span, the assets needed to support your retirement goals and developing strategies designed to help meet your expectations.

Cash-Flow Planning: Designing a manageable process to evaluate your investment allocations and need for liquidity.

Financial and Charitable Planning: Collaborating with your accountant or tax attorney to manage quarterly taxes and best timing for donations.**

Business Exit Planning: Developing a plan that, among other considerations, helps you monetize your non-liquid holdings and optimize your cash return.

Macro Asset Perspective®, the Basis of our Retirement Planning: helps you implement a balanced approach to your personal accumulation & income combining time-tested principles of risk management with sensible strategies for long-term tax-reduction giving you the potential to increase your net spendable income in retirement.

Lifetime Wealth Portfolios SM: is a managed account solution that provides you with all the benefits of a comprehensive investment management service, including objective and independent research, strategic asset allocation, access to an extensive universe of mutual funds, and quality insurance coverage —all tailored to your needs in a simplified approach focused on maximizing value over your entire lifetime.