Client Concerns

All clients come to us with questions, ideas based on trending news and accumulated attitudes about products, often based on hearsay and misinformation. We address all concerns with respect and clear answers founded on the most current education, years of experience and strength of character.

Asset Distribution, Protection and Evolution

  • How can I plan for successful distribution of assets to my heirs considering family dynamics?
  • How can I protect my assets from tax burdens and creditors?
  • How can I structure a legacy plan that transitions assets to my heirs in the spirit and manner I intended?

Business Succession

  • As a business owner, how can I get the most from the sale of my entity to potential buyers such as heirs, insiders and third parties?
  • How can I limit taxes and other obligations as a result of the sale?

Investment Advisory

  • What’s the difference between a Fund Advisory Program and Separately Managed Accounts?
  • How do I know what to invest and where to invest it?

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Estate Management

  • Can you help me document my assets for efficient succession?
  • Will you devise cost-effective ownership arrangements that maximize estate tax benefits?

Charitable Giving

  • Do you often help clients pursue charitable donations that make sense for their plan?
  • Can you help me identify my motivation for charitable giving and the organizations best suited for my personality and abilities?

Individual and Family Protection

  • What can I do to potentially optimize my family income for greater peace of mind and life security?
  • Will you create a plan that aligns my objectives with my risk tolerance and time of life?