Our Process

Your individual Five Peaks experience adapts to your mindset and comfort level incorporating a six-point pathway:

Initial Consult

Our process begins with a confidential consultation when all issues and current assets are revealed and goals are analyzed and prioritized.


We assemble current information about where you are and where you want to go, as well as your risk tolerance and applicable supporting documentation.

Strategic Plan Design

We collaborate with your current advisers, including tax accountant and attorneys, developing a precise and comprehensive plan customized to meet your objectives.**

Recommendation/Approval Meeting

Our team meets with you for a frank discussion that outlines your plan, including steps from startup to ongoing development and protection. We communicate the reasons for our recommendations and listen to your comments so that your consent to move forward is based on informed decisions that reduce your stress and provide a positive outlook for your wealth management.


After helping you understand what you want to accomplish from a business and personal perspective, we get you to take action.

Ongoing Assessment

We continually monitor your plan structure considering changing conditions and market fluctuation. Quarterly meetings with you provide information and education about your current portfolio and create a platform to discuss any changes to your goals and our recommendations. Our team is accessible to you anytime between quarterly meetings.