Our Process

Below is our process for a guided and collaborative relationship. Together, we’ll come to an understanding of your current financial state, chart a course of action to protect you from financial dangers, help achieve your financial goals, and monitor your goals to ensure they stay on track. We help you make the best use of your financial resources,
freeing up your time to enjoy what matters most in life.

6 Step Process Graphic

  • Step 1Engage

  • Step 2Project

  • Step 3Customize

  • Step 4Enroll

  • Step 5Implement

  • Step 6Follow Through

Step 1 Engage

We meet to explore and establish your financial goals and personal values. A compatibility determination is made between these goals and our services.

Step 2 Project

Working together, we determine your current financial state and project a course to your financial and protection goals.

Step 3 Customize

Collaborating with a team of carefully selected experts, solutions are customized to fit your goals.

Step 4 Enroll

Your customized solutions are presented and you decide your financial course of action.

Step 5 Implement

Facilitated by our team, your financial course of action is implemented.

Step 6 Follow Through

We routinely meet to track the progress of your financial and protection goals. As your needs shift, we re-evaluate your customized solutions and adjust when necessary.